This is the website of Solid Organic Link … your link to organic fruit and vegetables!


Solid Organic Link (SOL) only trades in organic products. Fresh fruit and vegetables as well as juices and jams made from wild berries without added sugar, olive oil and tasty products made from figs such as fig bread and bonbons.


We focus on direct contact with organic growers and small suppliers. We are supplying greenhouse products, open field products and fruit as well as dry goods such as juices, jams, olive oil and fig bread. Countries of origin are Spain, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina and the Netherlands.


Our current markets are supermarkets and wholesalers in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands and United Kingdom as well as horeca and delicatessen in the Netherlands.


Our mission is to supply organic products and to develop a long term partnership with producers and customers.